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Apigee Training Certification -Apigee Training


40 hours | 57K Participants

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About Course

Apigee Training is a program designed to teach students how to utilize Apigee for designing, creating, deploying, monitoring, and troubleshooting enterprise-level APIs. This course combines instructor-led lectures with practical lab sessions to enhance understanding of Apigee’s capabilities.

Upon completion, students will be equipped to build effective APIs using Apigee. The training is targeted at developers, architects, and system integrators interested in developing APIs using Apigee technology. While no prior experience with Apigee is necessary, having basic web development skills and an understanding of API concepts is beneficial.

The curriculum covers various aspects of API management including development, design, deployment, monitoring, debugging, and more. Students engage in hands-on labs to apply what they’ve learned in a practical setting.

The Apigee online training course offers a self-paced, interactive learning experience focused on the essentials of creating secure and successful APIs on the Apigee platform. The course includes an introduction to Apigee, developer interface walkthroughs, and hands-on exercises.

Topics such as API architecture, authentication, security, deployment, troubleshooting, scaling, and monitoring are extensively covered. Students also learn how to integrate Apigee with platforms like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and Google.

Designed to impart a comprehensive understanding of how to create, implement, and manage APIs using Apigee Edge technology, the course addresses REST and SOAP API development, API testing, debugging, optimization, and security.

Furthermore, the course delves into key management, API monetization, and other essential aspects of API integration within an organization.

This training culminates in the Apigee Certified API Professional certification, indicating a deep knowledge of the Apigee Edge platform. It prepares participants to deploy, secure, and manage APIs effectively, with a focus on using real-world examples and practice applications.

The training also includes preparation for the Apigee interview with a comprehensive Q&A on product solutions, interview strategies, and the skills needed to excel.

Apigee certification at Cloudcertification.io provides insights into using the Apigee Edge platform within cloud environments and includes a wide array of educational materials such as videos, links, blogs, and tutorials.

The Apigee training aims to familiarize learners with the Apigee architecture, its components, and operational processes. Topics like design considerations, security, scalability, performance, storage, and deployment management are thoroughly discussed.

Successful completion of the Apigee Certification exam, which covers Apigee Architecture, Edge Components, Developer Services, and API Design, is supported by hands-on labs and expert guidance. Participants who pass the exam will receive a completion certificate from Apigee.


Apigee Training is an educational program designed to teach students how to effectively use the Apigee platform for developing, deploying, and managing enterprise-level APIs. This course combines theoretical lectures with practical, hands-on labs, covering everything from API design and security to troubleshooting and integration with major platforms like Oracle and Microsoft. Suitable for developers, architects, and system integrators, the course requires no prior Apigee experience but benefits from a basic understanding of web development and APIs. Upon completion, students can earn the Apigee Certified API Professional certification, demonstrating their ability to use Apigee to create robust, secure API solutions. The certification and additional learning resources are available through Cloudcertification.io.


Material Include





What Will I Learn?

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Industry Trends

Apigee Training

Course Curriculam

  • Key Concepts
  • API Services Review
  • Developer Services Review
  • Analytics Services Review
  • Under the Hood review of Apigee
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Problem Determination
  • Monitoring the API
  • Managing users, roles and permissions
  • Escalation
  • Mapping an API
  • App Security
  • API Contract Management
  • 3rd Party Callouts/Mash-ups
  • Policy Development Workshop (create an entire flow and app)
  • Custom Data in Apigee Analytics
  • Custom Reports
  • Analytics API
  • Apigee bundle management
  • Editing Apigee configurations outside the Web User Interface
  • Deployment methodologies
  • Environment Variables
  • Edge API Management
  • js
  • BaaS
  • Analytics
  • Developer portal
  • Apigee-127
  • Monetization
  • Insights
  • Architecture of an Apigee Solution
  • Creating a solution architecture
  • Architectural patterns in Edge API Management, Node.js, BaaS,Analytics, Developer Services and Apigee-127
  • On-premises deployment of Edge
  1. Introduction to The Apigee Product
  • Product overview
  • Architecture and deployment topologies
  • Technology
  • Installation and configuration
  • Platform operations
  • Lab
  1. Key Features
  • Monitoring
  • Deployment
  • Scaling
  • Component configuration
  1. Manage and Support
  • User management
  • Tools
  • Problem determination and troubleshooting
  • Lab
  • Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Monitoring
  • Problem determination and troubleshooting


  1. Fundamentals of APIs With Edge
  • Apigee Platform Overview
  • Best practices in RESTful API Design
  • Key API Concepts
  • Anatomy of a Proxy
  • Connectivity
  • Basic security

 Implementing Security and Authentication in EdgeAPI Management and API Key Validation

  • Protection against Content-based Attacks
  • Authentication, Authorization and Identity
  • Traffic Management
  • Other Security Considerations
  • Lab
  1. Policy Application and Function
  • Protocol Conversions
  • Caching
  • Custom Analytics
  • API BaaS
  • Environments and Security
  • Data Storage


  1. Using Node.Js In Apigee Edge
  2. API Facades
  3. Content Validation
  4. Mashups
  5. Scripting
  6. Lab
Apigee Training

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Apigee Training Certification

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