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SAP Ariba Training SAP Ariba Training CERTIFICATION

SAP Ariba Training Certification Training - SAP Ariba Training


40 hours | 57K Participants

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40 Hours of Videos.
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Instructor Led Training
40 Hours E-Learning Videos.
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4 Hours E-Learning Videos.

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About Course

SAP Ariba Training through Cloudcertification.io offers a dynamic cloud-based solution that brings together suppliers and buyers on a unified platform for seamless business transactions.

Our structured tutorials, led by seasoned instructors, ensure comprehensive coverage of the SAP Ariba course. We provide detailed guidance to assist you in achieving SAP Ariba Certification, paving the way for employment opportunities with companies that utilize SAP technologies.

Opting for SAP Ariba online classes positions you at the forefront of B2B commerce by connecting you with the world’s largest network of suppliers and buyers, enhancing business collaborations. Making the decision to pursue SAP Ariba training with us is a strategic move towards excelling in the SAP ERP cloud domain, opening doors to numerous job prospects for those eager to engage in this field. Join us to embark on this promising career path.


Enhance your career with SAP Ariba Training at Cloudcertification.io, where you’ll learn to leverage a leading cloud-based solution for streamlined supplier-buyer connections. Our expert-led tutorials and comprehensive support for SAP Ariba Certification prepare you for opportunities in the SAP ERP cloud ecosystem. Join our online classes to access the world’s largest B2B network and unlock a realm of job possibilities in the SAP domain.


Material Include





What Will I Learn?

Top Hiring Company

Sap Ariba Training

Industry Trends

Sap Ariba Training

Course Curriculam

  • About Ariba & Ariba History
  • Ariba cloud system Architecture
  • Product evaluation of Ariba
  • Ariba solution bundles
  • About Ariba Network
  • Basic navigation and self service menu
  • Overview of SLP vs SIPM
  • Supplier Request
  • Supplier Registration
  • Supplier Qualification
  • Getting Started with Ariba sourcing
  • Event Management: Creating RFI, RFP and Auctions
  • Advance features in Sourcing such as working with Excel
  • Award Scenarios and Awarding Sourcing Event
  • Full cycle of Bidding Process
  • Bidding Rules setup
  • Supplier Invitation
  • Hands on workshop
  • Getting Started with Ariba Contracts
  • Integration with Ariba Sourcing
  • Ariba Contract Management: Creating Contracts
  • Hierarchy Type
  • Contracts Attributes
  • Contract Release Order
  • Contract based invoice
  • Hands on workshop
  • Ariba Procurement solution features
  • The Request-to-Receive Flow
  • Non – PO based Invoice
  • Full End to End Procurement Process (PR, Approval Flow, PO, GR, invoice , Payment)
  • Ariba Procurement: Creating and Managing Invoices
  • Invoice: Different Types
  • Hands on workshop
  • About Ariba guided buying
  • Landing Pages and tiles
  • Full End to End Procurement Process (PR, Approval Flow, PO, GR, invoice , Payment)
  • Reporting – Customization & Configuration
  • Reporting – Scheduling Background job
  • Reporting – Personal vs public workspace
  • Integration Overview
  • Integration Landscape
  • Data integration methods
  • Integration Manager & Configurations
  • Ariba Integration with CIG
  • CIG usage Scenario
  • Full End to End integration cycle of RFQ or SLP
  • Template Management & Configurations
  • Sourcing template & contract template configuration
  • Set-up bidding rules
  • Condition set-up to display documents
  • Display of document
  • Project group vs system groups
  • Approval rule set-up
  • Task assignment
  • Team set-up
    • Approval workflow Configurations
  • Serial approval configuration
  • Parallele approval configuration
  • Custom approval configuration
  • How to assign work flow
    • Site Manager & Configurations
  • About site manager
  • Intial data upload such as purchasing unit
  • How to verify the upload data
    • User Management & Configurations
  • Creation of New User
  • Delegation of authority
  • Creation of Groups
  • Purchasing unit assignment
    • Catalog Manager & Configurations
  • Creation of catalog item
  • Catalog validation
  • Error debug
  • Catalog view restriction
    • P2P Manager & Configurations
  • Invoice Exception types
  • About receiving types
    • Project Manager
  • Process steps during migration of Legacy Contract to SAP Ariba
  • Supplier Manager
  • Supplier set-up for purchasing
  • Concept of partitioned supplier
  • How to set up partitioned supplier
  • AN Supplier overview
  • Sourcing and Proposals
  • Light account and Full use Account
  • Provide soft copy study materials and questions bank
  • Guidance in certification
  • Ariba Resume preparation
  • Real time interview questions

Question and Answer

Yes, Cloudcertification provides a 100% money-back guarantee on fulfilling all the below checkpoints
1. This offers is only on instructor-led training
2. 95% class attendance
3. In the Test, you have to score 95% marks conducted by Cloudcertification.

At Cloudcertification, you'll never miss a Session! You will be provided with the recorded class of that day.

Post-enrollment will provide access immediately, and you can start the course right away.

SAP Ariba Training Certification

The certification process plays a crucial role in getting the job you want. It shows that you've gained the necessary skills to manage crucial jobs in the real world with minimal or no help from your colleagues. Companies are focusing on hiring those with qualifications and are providing huge salary packages. We will provide all required courses to earn in obtaining the certification. Cloud Certification Trainings encompasses every aspect of shaping you into a professional certified by providing you with the professional and technical knowledge that will help your career to be successful.

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