1. Explain the difference between Workday Integration Cloud and Workday Studio.

2. What are the different types of Workday integrations?

3. What are the best practices for designing and developing Workday integrations?

4. What are the challenges of Workday integration?

5. How do you troubleshoot Workday integration issues?

6. What are the security considerations for Workday integration?

7. What are the performance considerations for Workday integration?

8. What are the latest trends in Workday integration?

9. What are the benefits of Workday integration?

10. Can you give an example of a successful Workday integration project?

11. What are the risks of Workday integration?

12. How do you measure the success of a Workday integration project?

13. What are your thoughts on the future of Workday integration?

14. What are your favorite Workday integration tools and resources?

15. What is your favorite Workday integration story?