1. Free Tier Magic:** You'd be surprised how much you can learn for free! Workday offers a treasure trove of free tutorials, webinars, and online resources. Dive in and explore before you commit.

2. ** Bundle Bonanza:**  Don't pay for individual courses piecemeal. Workday bundles offer significant discounts, often slashing costs by 50% or more. It's like buying groceries in bulk for your brain!

3. Certification Sleuthing:  Some certifications automatically unlock access to relevant training modules. Before you buy a course, double-check if your desired cert already includes it. Knowledge is power, and free knowledge is even more powerful!

4. ** Grant Grabbing:**  Research scholarship and grant opportunities specifically for Workday training. Government agencies, industry associations, and even Workday itself might offer financial aid. Free money for learning? Yes, please!

5. ** Employer Enchantment:**  Talk to your employer! Many companies sponsor employee training or have internal resources you don't know about. Be their Workday champion, and they might just champion your learning journey.

6. ** Temporal Tricks:**  Workday courses often run on specific schedules. Be flexible and plan your training around upcoming sessions to avoid peak pricing and snag the best deals.

7. ** Location Leverage:**  Prices can vary based on your location. Explore options in different regions (virtually, of course) and see if you can score a bargain by training "abroad."

8. Peer Power:  Don't underestimate the community! Connect with fellow Workday learners online or in forums. You might find hidden resources, group discounts, or even free mentorship opportunities.

9. Early Bird Blitz:  Workday often offers early-bird discounts for registrations. Be proactive, set calendar reminders, and pounce on those deals before they disappear. Every penny saved is a penny earned (in Workday knowledge)!

10. ** Pre-Knowledge Perks:**  Already have some Workday experience? You might qualify for advanced courses or skip introductory modules, saving you time and money. Level up your knowledge without paying for the basics.

11. ** Partner Prowess:**  Look for Workday training partnerships with universities, professional organizations, or even other software companies. They might offer special pricing or bundled packages that are lighter on your wallet.

12. ** Money-Back Magic:**  Some Workday training providers offer satisfaction guarantees or even money-back policies. Try before you buy, and if it's not the right fit, no harm, no foul (and no financial burden).

13. Time-Limited Treats:  Keep an eye out for flash sales, limited-time offers, and seasonal discounts. Workday knows how to keep you on your toes (and potentially save you some dough).

14. Recommendation Riches:  Refer a friend, colleague, or even your boss! Many Workday training programs offer referral bonuses that can translate into discounts or even free courses for you. Spread the Workday love and reap the rewards!

15. ** Invest in Yourself:**  Remember, Workday training is an investment in your future. While there might be hidden gems to save money, prioritize quality education and choose a program that aligns with your career goals. Knowledge is power, and Workday knowledge is particularly potent!