1. Free Training Treasure Trove:  Workday hides a treasure trove of FREE training modules! Master the basics before you spend a dime.

2. Double-Dip Discounts:  Combine Workday Pro membership with specific training courses for mind-blowing discounts.

3. Hidden Vouchers:  Lurk around the Workday community forums, conferences, and social media. Free exam vouchers are often lurking just out of sight!

4. Group Power:  Gather your colleagues and negotiate a bulk discount on training and exams. Teamwork makes the certification dream work!

5. The "Oops, I Forgot" Discount:  Did your exam voucher expire? Don't panic! Workday sometimes offers grace periods or reinstatement deals. Just ask nicely!

6. Become a Workday Pro Rockstar:  Unlock exclusive discounts and exam retakes with Workday Pro membership. It's an investment that keeps on giving!

7. The Referral Whisperer:  Know someone who's already certified? Their referral code could unlock sweet discounts for you!

8. Government Grants & Scholarships:  Unearth hidden government grants and scholarships specifically for Workday certifications. Free money is always good money!

9. The Exam Content Sneak Peek:  Workday releases sneak peeks of exam content in their community forums. Don't miss these golden nuggets!

10. Free Practice Exams:  Don't underestimate the power of free practice exams. They're like mini dress rehearsals for the real deal!

11. The Time Crunch Miracle:  Short on time? Workday offers condensed "bootcamp" style training options to get you certified fast.

12. The Experience Advantage:  Got years of Workday experience? You might be eligible for "experiential credit", reducing your exam requirements.

13. The "Oops, I Failed" Lifeline:  Don't despair if you don't pass the first time. Workday offers discounted retests for a limited period.

14. Invest in Yourself, Reap the Rewards:  A Workday certification can boost your salary by 15-20%! Consider it an investment in your future.

15. The Certification Chain Reaction:  Getting certified opens doors to a network of Workday experts and potential employers. Your career will thank you!