1. Secret Sauce in Calculated Fields:  Beyond basic formulas, Prism lets you unleash the power of Python scripting within calculated fields. Craft custom logic and complex calculations to manipulate data like never before!

2. Master the Data Pipeline Timeline:  Visualize your data's journey with Prism's interactive data pipeline timeline. Track transformations, pinpoint errors, and optimize your data flow for lightning-fast analysis. 

3. Become a Data Whisperer with Data Lineage:  Unravel the tangled web of data origins! Prism's data lineage feature reveals the exact source of each data point, empowering you to make informed decisions with complete confidence. 

4. Schedule Your Insights (No Alarm Clock Needed):  Prism's automated report scheduling lets you set reports to refresh and deliver insights directly to your inbox or colleagues' dashboards. Stay ahead of the curve and let the data come to you. 

5. Beyond Workday Walls: Embrace External Data:  Don't let siloed data hold you back! Prism seamlessly integrates external data sources like spreadsheets, CRMs, and marketing platforms, painting a holistic picture of your business. 

6. Speak the Language of Data Blending:  Master the art of data blending to combine Workday and external data for richer analysis. Discover hidden patterns and trends that traditional reports simply can't reveal. 

7. Drill Down Like a Pro:  Take your analysis deeper with Prism's advanced drill-down capabilities. Zoom in on specific data points, filter by granular criteria, and uncover hidden gems within your data. 

8. Share and Conquer with Data Workspaces:  Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing with Prism's data workspaces. Invite colleagues to explore and refine datasets, democratizing access to valuable insights. 

9. Charting Champions: Unleash the Power of Custom Visualizations:  Move beyond bar charts and pie graphs! Prism's custom visualization toolkit lets you craft stunning and informative charts that captivate your audience and tell your data story like never before. 

10. Security Blanket for Your Data:  Rest assured, your data is safe with Prism's robust security features. Role-based access control and data encryption safeguard sensitive information, letting you focus on analysis, not anxieties. 

11. Version Control Like a Boss:  Track changes, revert to previous versions, and collaborate seamlessly with Prism's version control system. No more data confusion or lost work - just a clear audit trail for complete peace of mind. 

12. Future-Proof Your Reports with Dynamic Parameters:  Craft reports that adapt to ever-changing data landscapes. Use dynamic parameters to filter by date, department, or any other relevant criteria, ensuring your reports stay fresh and relevant. 

13. The Power of Storytelling with Workday Narratives:  Don't just present data, weave a narrative! Embed rich text, images, and even videos into your reports to captivate your audience and add context to your insights. 

14. Go Global with Multi-Currency Support:  Analyze data from across the globe with ease. Prism's multi-currency support lets you switch currencies on the fly, ensuring accurate and insightful reports regardless of location. 

15. Performance Powerhouse: Optimize Your Prism Workflows:  Don't let slow data pipelines drag you down. Prism offers performance optimization tools to identify and устранить bottlenecks, keeping your analysis running at peak speed.