1. Pass Rate Myths Busted:  Workday doesn't officially release pass rates, but industry estimates put them between 60-80%. Preparation, not luck, is key!

2. The Golden Path to Success:  Focus on practice exams! Workday's official practice exams closely mirror the real test, giving you invaluable insights into format, content, and difficulty. 

3. Time Crunch? No Problem:  Short on study time? Prioritize high-impact areas like core Workday functionalities, frequently tested topics, and your weakest knowledge gaps. 

4. Flashcards are Your Friends:  Don't underestimate the power of flashcards! Create your own or use pre-made sets to memorize key terms, definitions, and processes. 

5. Study Groups: Synergy in Action:  Join online or in-person study groups to share knowledge, clarify doubts, and motivate each other. The power of community is real! 

6. The "Brain Dump" Advantage:  Before the exam, jot down key formulas, mnemonics, and important concepts on a blank sheet. It's your cheat sheet on steroids! 

7. Sleep & Snack for Success:  Well-rested and well-fed brains perform better! Prioritize good sleep and healthy snacks on exam day to keep your focus sharp. 

8. Time Management Masterclass:  Plan your exam time strategically. Allocate more time for complex questions and leave buffer time for review at the end. 

9. Don't Panic, Analyze:  Stuck on a question? Don't panic! Read it carefully, eliminate wrong answers logically, and make your best educated guess. 

10. The Review Power Play:  Don't leave the exam hall without reviewing! Use the remaining time to double-check your answers, especially for tricky questions. 

11. The "Bonus Question" Trap:  Beware of "bonus" questions at the end. They may be tempting, but focus on completing all mandatory questions first to maximize your score. 

12. Beyond Pass/Fail:  Workday certifications offer different levels of expertise. Choose the level that aligns with your career goals and current knowledge. 

13. Lifelong Learning Pays Off:  Don't stop learning after certification! Stay updated with Workday's latest features and updates to maintain your expertise and marketability. 

14. The "Practice Makes Perfect" Mantra:  Don't be afraid to take practice exams repeatedly. Each attempt reveals your weak spots and helps you hone your skills for the real deal. 

15.Believe in Yourself!  Confidence is key. Remember, you've invested time and effort in preparation. Trust your knowledge and approach the exam with a positive attitude.