1. Master the "Search Ninja Technique":  Use advanced search operators to pinpoint hidden courses, tutorials, and resources on niche Workday features.

2. Unlock "Learning Paths":  Explore curated sequences of courses tailored to specific roles and career goals, accelerating your learning journey.

3. Become a "Microlearning Master":  Bite-sized learning modules let you pick up new skills in minutes, perfect for busy schedules and quick knowledge boosts.

4. Download "Offline Learning":  Access essential materials and courses for offline study, ideal for travel or commuting.

5. Utilize "Guided Learning":  Step-by-step instructions with interactive tools guide you through complex Workday processes, ensuring mastery.

6. Test Your Skills with "Practice Labs":  Simulate real-world scenarios in a safe environment, building confidence and hands-on experience.

7. Join the "Community Corner":  Connect with fellow learners and Workday experts in forums and discussions, sharing tips and tackling challenges together.

8.  Unlock the "Hidden Gems" Playlist:  Discover hand-picked courses on underutilized Workday features, adding new tricks to your arsenal. 3. 

9. Earn "Badges and Points":  Gamified learning keeps you motivated and rewards your progress with fun badges and points, boosting your engagement.

10. Personalize Your Learning:  Curate your own learning experience by filtering courses by topic, skill level, and duration, tailoring your journey to your needs.

11. Access "Expert-Led Webinars":  Learn from Workday industry leaders and subject matter experts in live interactive sessions, gaining invaluable insights.

12. Tap into "Workday University":  Deep dive into advanced topics and industry best practices through comprehensive learning programs, becoming a true Workday guru.

13.  Contribute to the "Knowledge Base":  Share your expertise and help others by contributing to the Workday Knowledge Base, solidifying your understanding and building a reputation.

14. Become a "Workday Learning Ambassador":  Champion learning within your organization by promoting the Workday Learning Center and guiding others on their learning journey.

15. Leverage "Learning Analytics":  Track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and personalize your learning path with detailed insights from the Workday Learning Center.