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Workday Training Free Finance – 5

Workday Finance Training Highlights

đź’ˇ The user can create validations to show error messages based on specific conditions.

đź’ˇ Validations can be tailored to specific companies and account types.

đź’ˇ Error messages are displayed when conditions such as an empty cost center are met.

Workday Finance Training - Key Moments

  • Setting up Critical Validation 00:00

    • Instructions on creating critical validations without warning messages.
    • Defining conditions based on company selection and account type.
    • Implementing error conditions for specific scenarios to trigger error messages.


  • Testing the Validation Rule 03:07
    • Demonstrating the validation rule in action by testing with specific criteria.
    • Showing how error messages are generated based on the defined validation conditions.
    • Exploring the flexibility of building and modifying validation rules for different scenarios.

Workday Training FAQ’s

Q: What is the purpose of creating a new validation in the video content?

A: The purpose of creating a new validation is to ensure critical validation without warning messages, specifically for the scenario where a cost center is required for the km1 company.

Q: How is the validation rule structured in the video content?

A: The validation rule is structured as an error condition, where the condition is set to generate an error message if the company is km1, the account type is expense or income, and the cost center is empty.

Q: How can the validation be tested in the video content?

A: The validation can be tested by entering an expense account with an empty cost center for the km1 company. If the conditions are met, an error message will be displayed indicating that the cost center is required for the km1 company.

Q: What flexibility is provided in building validations according to the video content?

A: In building validations, there is flexibility to add more fields and conditions based on specific requirements, such as checking multiple fields like cost center and location before generating an error message.


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