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QA Automation Training - QA Automation Certification

⏱️ 40 hours | 🎓 67K Participants | 116 Reviews

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30 Hours of Videos.Flexible Schedule.
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Instructor Led Training provided
30 Hours E-Learning Videos.
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4 Hours E-Learning Videos.

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NO instructor led training
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About Course

Master QA Automation Training with Cloud Certification expert. Our course experts are certified lead/solution architects, having 10+ years of experience in QA Automation.

✔️ Enroll for QA Automation Training Live session & get Sailpoint Training Self-paced for FREE
✔️ QA Automation certification: complete set of readable documents in PDF format
✔️ Every session is recorded & shared
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✔️ QA Automation training course duration 40+ hours
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Are you looking to master QA Automation? Great job! Are you aware that QA Automation is the highest popular IDM course? There are a lot of opportunities available in QA Automation because it is the leader in to the IDM market. QA Automation training course is a career-oriented course, meaning that at the end of the course, you will be able to effortlessly pass your interviews or join in an active QA Automation project. The salaries offered in QA Automation are quite impressive.

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Qa Automation Training

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Course Curriculam

  • At the end of this module, you will be able to understand the advantages of Java, where Java is used, how memory management is handled in Java, create a Java project in Eclipse and execute, implement if..else construct in Java, develop codes using various data types in Java, implement various loops.

    • Introduction to Java • Bytecode • Class Files • Compilation Process • Data types and Operations • If conditions • Loops - for, while and do while
  • Learning Objectives:
    Page | 4

    At the end of this module, you will be able to implement Single and Multi-dimensional array, declare and Define Function, call Functions by value and by reference, implement Method Overloading and Use String data-type and String-buffer.
    Topics: • Functions • Function with Arguments • Function Overloading • Concept of Static Polymorphism • String Handling -String • String buffer Classes • Arrays - Single Dimensional and Multidimensional arrays
  • Learning Objectives: At the end of this module, you will be able to implement classes and objects in Java, create class constructors, overload constructors, inherit classes and create sub-classes, implement abstract classes and methods, and use static keyword.
    Topics: • Concept of Object Orientation • Attributes and Methods • Classes and Objects • Default Constructors • Constructors with Arguments • Inheritance • Abstract • Final and Static
  • Learning Objectives:
    Page | 5

    At the end of this module, you will be able to implement interface and use it, extend interface with other interface, create package and name it Import packages while creating a new class, understand various exceptions, handle exception using try catch block, handle exception using throw and throws keyword, implement threads using thread class and runnable interface and Understand and implement multi threading.
    Topics: • Packages and Interfaces • Access Specifiers • Package • Exception Handling • Multi-Threading
  • Learning Objectives: At the end of this module, you will be able to identify, and use important Inbuilt Java Packages like java.lang, java.io, java.util etc, use Wrapper classes, understand collections framework, implement logic using ArrayList and Vector and Queue, use set, HashSet and TreeSet and implement logic using Nap HashMap and Hashtable.
    Topics: • Wrapper Classes and Inner Classes • Applet Programs • Collections: ArrayList, Vector, HashSet

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Yes, Cloudcertification provides a 100% money-back guarantee on fulfilling all the below checkpoints
1. This offers is only on instructor-led training
2. 95% class attendance
3. In the Test, you have to score 95% marks conducted by Cloudcertification.

At Cloudcertification, you'll never miss a Session! You will be provided with the recorded class of that day.

Post-enrollment will provide access immediately, and you can start the course right away.

QA Automation Certification

The certification process plays a crucial role in getting the job you want. It shows that you've gained the necessary skills to manage crucial jobs in the real world with minimal or no help from your colleagues. Companies are focusing on hiring those with qualifications and are providing huge salary packages. We will provide all required courses to earn in obtaining the certification. Cloud Certification Trainings encompasses every aspect of shaping you into a professional certified by providing you with the professional and technical knowledge that will help your career to be successful.

Cloud Certifcation


Automation is any action that can reduce human efforts.

The process of using special software tools or scripts to perform testing tasks such as entering data, executing the test steps and comparing the results, etc. is known as Automation testing.

  • Regression test suite
  • Smoke / Sanity test suite
  • Build deployment
  • Test data creation
  • Automating behind the GUI like testing of APIs and methods.

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