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SailPoint Training - SailPoint Certification

40 hours | 67K Participants | 116 Reviews

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30 Hours of Videos.

Latest SailPoint tool provided
Flexible Schedule.
Free Demo
Technical Support
Lifetime free Upgrade
Course completion Certificate

Instructor-led Live


Instructor Led Training
Latest SailPoint tool provided
30 Hours E-Learning Videos.
Flexible Schedule.
Free Demo
Learn Whenever & Wherever.
Technical Support
Lifetime free Upgrade
Course Completion Certificate



4 Hours E-Learning Videos.

Flexible Schedule.
Free Demo
Learn Whenever & Wherever

Lifetime free Upgrade

NO instructor led training
NO Tenant Access
NO Technical Support
NO tool will be provided

About Course

Master Sailpoint Training with Cloud Certification expert. Our course experts are certified lead/solution architects, having 10+ years of experience in Sailpoint.

  • Enroll for Sailpoint Training Live session & get Sailpoint Training Self-paced for FREE
  • Sailpoint certification: complete set of readable documents in PDF format
  • Every session is recorded & shared
  • Real-time assignments & case studies for better understanding
  • Lifetime access to video library & materials
  • Sailpoint training course duration 40+ hours
  •  Support Team: 24*7 supports


Are you looking to master Sailpoint? Great job! Are you aware that Sailpoint is the highest popular IDM course? There are a lot of opportunities available in Sailpoint because it is the leader in to the IDM market. Sailpoint training course is a career-oriented course, meaning that at the end of the course, you will be able to effortlessly pass your interviews or join in an active Sailpoint project. The salaries offered in Sailpoint are quite impressive.

What Will I Learn?


Material Include





Top Hiring Company

Hiring Sailpoint Companies

Industry Trends

Sailpoint Training

Course Curriculam

  • IdentityIQ Global Settings & Configuration
  • Login Configuration
  • Identity Mappings
  • Account Mapping & Attributes
  • Lifecycle Configuration
  • Full-Text Searching
  • Creating Direct Links
  • Edit page Application
  • Reconfiguration of Application
  • Activity Data Configuration
  • Managing Quicklinks
  • Dynamic Scope
  • Keystore Console Commands
  • Encrypted Data Synchronization
  • Using IdentityIQ Keystore
  • Recording Provisioning Requests
  • Processing & Updating Provisioning Request
  • Terminology and Workflow
  • Triggering Workflow
  • IdentityIQ Default Workflow
  • Accessing XML
  • XML Content
  • Monitoring Workflows

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Question and Answer

Yes, Cloudcertification provides a 100% money-back guarantee on fulfilling all the below checkpoints
1. This offers is only on instructor-led training
2. 95% class attendance
3. In the Test, you have to score 95% marks conducted by Cloudcertification.

At Cloudcertification, you'll never miss a Session! You will be provided with the recorded class of that day.

Post-enrollment will provide access immediately, and you can start the course right away.

Sailpoint Certification

The certification process plays a crucial role in getting the job you want. It shows that you've gained the necessary skills to manage crucial jobs in the real world with minimal or no help from your colleagues. Companies are focusing on hiring those with qualifications and are providing huge salary packages. We will provide all required courses to earn in obtaining the certification. Cloud Certification Trainings encompasses every aspect of shaping you into a professional certified by providing you with the professional and technical knowledge that will help your career to be successful.

Cloud Certifcation


The requirement of the SailPoint skill is increasing exponentially. Top organizations in the market have been regularly posting jobs regarding the hiring of resources with SailPoint skills.

Once you enroll with Cloud Certification, www.cloudcertification.io, you get lifetime access to SailPoint training videos. The curriculum in the videos is not limited to theoretical knowledge, rather more practical oriented which helps you to brush up your knowledge anytime from beginner level to advanced level.

Once the SailPoint training Videos are handy to you, you can sit at any corner of the world and study the materials available in the SailPoint training videos.

You can reach out to us anytime, and we would be happy to guide you with all information you are looking for.

SailPoint is one of the most demanding skills as it is the global leader in the Identity and Access management industry.

If you are seriously interested in learning SailPoint and upgrading your career for better job opportunities you should enroll with authentic tutorials like Cloud certification. Cloud certification (www.cloudcertification.io). provides SailPoint online training where you can avail yourself of the demo classes. If the demo interests you, you can take further steps to enroll in either the self-paced sessions or Instructor-led live sessions.

In SailPoint online training classes, you will be given various mock sessions, in-depth training on the curriculum, doubt clearing session by faculty from relevant industries.


In SailPoint Online training, by one of the best online platforms Cloud Certification, you can learn about:


Ø Basics, principles, and practices of SailPoint

Ø About Product architecture, Installation, and Deployment.

Ø Outline of framework relationships and functionalities

Ø Handling of Operation

Ø Core features of IdentityIQ Login.

SailPoint refers to an open-source Identity Governance platform that empowers the organization to make an identity-enabled enterprise setup by integrating Data, Device & Applications in one aligned stream. 

We can simply do this by providing the integrators with the knowledge related to the datacenter as well as its creation history.

This should be possible with the assistance of a methodology called the EUCALYPTUS methodology. It is additionally conveyed for the required clustering in the cloud condition with the goal that personalities can be overseen on an unpredictable system without any problem.

An Exclusion rule is composed of accreditation to reject a portion of the characters with explicit credits to be kept separate from the certification.

We can successfully represent an organization in Sailpoint by directly integrating it with all available systems or targets that are there in that particular organization.