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SAP FICO Certification Training - SAP FICO Training

60 hours | 12K Participants

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About Course

SAP FICO Training with Cloud Certification expert. Our course experts are certified lead/solution architects, having 10+ years of experience in SAP.

  • Enroll for SAP FICO Training Live session & get SAP Training Self-paced for FREE
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  • SAP FICO training course duration 60+ hours
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SAP FICO, SAP FI (Financials) monitors company financials while CO (Controlling) delivers cost accounting. SAP FI is used to store the financial data of an organization and also helps to analyse the financial conditions of a company in the market whereas SAP CO supports coordination, monitoring, and optimization of all the process in the organization. Our training program focuses on core accounting and reporting concepts like financial controlling – credit control, maintain fiscal year variant and tax code, assign the company code to a chart of accounts etc.


Material Include





What Will I Learn?

Top Hiring Company

Sap Fico

Industry Trends

Sap Fico

Course Curriculam

  1. Introduction to ERP, Advantages of SAP over other ERP Packages
  2. Introduction to SAP R/3 FICO
  3. Landscape and multi-client concept
  4. Transport request creation, modification, status, types, release, transport
  5. Difference between R/1, R/2 and R/3
  6. Types of messages
  7. 4 C’s
  1. Definition of company
  2. Definition of company code
  3. Assignment of company to company code
  4. Definition of business area
  5. Define chart of accounts
  6. Assign chart of accounts to company code
  7. Define account groups
  8. Define Retained earnings account
  9. Define Fiscal year variant and shortend fiscal year
  10. Assign fiscal year variant to company code
  11. Define field status variants
  12. Assignment of field status variant to company code
  13. Definition of tolerance groups for GL accounts
  14. Definition of tolerance groups for employees
  15. Assignment of tolerance groups to users
  16. Define document types
  17. Define posting period variant
  18. Assign posting period variant to company code
  19. Open/close posting period variant
  20. Global parameters
  21. Organization structure in EC01
  22. Sort key configuration in OB16
  1. Creation of General Ledger Master FS00/FSP0/FSS0 (with and without reference)
  2. Display/Change/Block/Unblock of general ledger master
  3. Document Entry posting (F-02/FB50/FB01) and posting with reference
  4. Display and change of documents, editable fields
  5. Display of GL balances report
  6. Display GL account line items report
  7. Parked documents
  8. Hold documents
  9. Creation of Sample Document and postings with sample documents
  10. Handling prepaid expenses (prepaid insurance and accrued income) with recurring documents
  11. Changing line layouts for display of GL line items, variant creation, dynamic selections
  12. Reversal of individual documents, mass reversal, reversal of cleared items and reversal of accrual documents
  13. Accrual and Deferral documents
  14. Defining Exchange Rate types and Translation
  15. Open item management, Types of clearing – standard, partial, residual
  16. Account clearing F-03 and posting with clearing F-07 differences with GL tolerances OBXZ
  17. GL open item and cleared item tables, transaction and master data tables
  18. Interest calculations on term loans
  19. Foreign currency revaluation for open items (F-07) and balances FAGL_FC_VAL, Posting Realized gains/losses on open items
  20. Account assignment model FKMT
  21. Mass changes in line item report
  22. Types of chart of accounts and reporting F.01
  23. Options from the selection parameter screen, editing options
  1. Statistical Key figure
  2. Creation and execution of Distribution Cycle with/without SKF
  3. Creation and execution of Assessment cycles with/without SKF
  4. Creation and execution of Actual periodic reposting
  1.     Defining order types
  2.     Creation of internal order master records
  3.     Display internal order master records
  4.     Change internal order master records
  5.     Postings to internal orders
  6.     Planning for internal orders
  7.     Reposting co line items for internal orders
  8.     Repost of costs for internal orders
  9.     Report of Variance analysis for internal orders
  10.   Creation of real internal orders
  11.   Posting of business transaction to real orders
  12.   Definition of allocation structures
  13.   Definition of settlement profiles
  14.   Definition of planning profiles
  15.   Settlement of real internal orders
  16.   Budgeting and availability control
  17.   Maintain number ranges for budgeting
  18.   Define tolerances for availability control
  19.   Budget manager
  20.   SAP business workplace
  1.     Basic Settings for Profit Center Accounting
  2.     Creation of Dummy Profit Centers
  3.     Maintenance of control parameters for actual postings
  4.     Maintaining planning versions for profit centers
  5.     maintaining the number ranges for profit center documents
  6.     Creation of profit center master records
  7.     Display of profit center master records
  8.     Changing the profit center master records
  9.     Creation of revenue cost elements
  10.   Automatic Assignment of Revenue elements for Profit Centers
  11.   Assignment of profit centers in cost center master records
  12.   Creation of account groups in profit center accounting for planning
  13.   Planning for profit and loss account items
  14.   Planning for balance sheet items
  15.   Posting of transactions into profit centers
  16.   Generating the variance reports for profit and loss account items
  17.   Generating the variance reports for balance sheet items.
  1. Maintaining the operating concern
  2. Define profitability segment characteristics
  3. Assignment of controlling area to operating concern
  4. Activating the profitability analysis
  5. Define number ranges for actual postings
  6. Mapping of SD conditions types to COPA value fields
  7. Report painter - Creation and execution of reports in CoPA with Sales, CoGS, and Discount and Freight value fields
  8. PA transfer structure
  9. CoPA document generation from FI
  10. CoPA assessment
  1.     Creation of bill materials
  2.     Creation of activity type master records
  3.     Planning for activity hours
  4.     Activity type price calculation
  5.     Creation of work center master records
  6.     Creation of routings
  7.     Defining cost sheet (overhead structures)
  8.     Assignment of cost sheet to costing variant
  9.     Creation of cost estimate with quantity structure
  10.   Marking
  11.   Releasing and price change document
  12.   Creation of cost estimate with quantity structure
  13. Creation of cost estimate without quantity structure
  14. Cost estimate for multiple materials
  15. Cost estimate reorganization
  1. Definition of organizational units in materials management i.e. plant, storage location and purchase organization
  2. Assignment of organizational units to each other
  3. Definition of tolerance groups for purchase orders
  4. Definition of tolerance groups for goods receipt
  5. Definition of tolerance groups for invoice verification
  6. Definition of vendor specific tolerances
  7. Creation, display and change of material master records
  8. Creation of plant parameters
  9. Maintenance of posting periods for materials management
  10. Maintenance of parameters for invoice verification
  11. Maintenance of plant parameters for inventory management and physical inventory
  12. Definition of attributes for material types
  13. Assignment of GL accounts for material transactions in financial accounting (Integration of MM with FI)
  14. Creation of purchase order, posting of goods receipt, invoice verification and Goods issue for production with planned freight FRA2 and unplanned delivery costs and discounts
  15. Price control – standard and moving average with postings
  16. Price differences posting to PRD
  17. GR/IR clearing from F.13 with automatic clearing (automatic clearing criteria OB74)
  18. Stock report MB5B
  19. Invoice reversal MR8M
  20. MM Pricing procedure
  1.     Definition of sales organization
  2.     Definition of distribution channels
  3.     Definition of divisions
  4.     Assignment among various organizational units in SD
  5.     Definition of partner functions
  6.     Definitions of shipping point and loading points
  7.     Definition of pricing procedures
  8.     Determining the shipping points
  9.     Determining the pricing procedures
  10.   Maintenance of SD condition types
  11.   Maintenance of condition records
  12.   Assignment of GL accounts for sales transactions (integration of FI with SD)
  13.   Creation of sales order
  14.   Initialization of stock
  15.   Posting the delivery of goods
  16.   Creating the sales invoice.
  17. SD pricing procedure Discounts K007, Freight condition types

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