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Workday HCM Transactions - 3. Creating Job Profile

Workday Training Highlights

­čĺ╝ Job code is an identification for job requisitions.

­čîÉ Country restrictions can limit job profiles to specific countries.

­čĹą Management levels and job levels help define the hierarchy within an organization.

­čŬ Job families categorize employees into specific groups based on their roles.

Workday Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Introduction to Creating Job Profile 00:00

    • The speaker discusses the process of creating a job profile within an organization.
    • Emphasizes the importance of creating a position and job profile before proceeding further.
    • Details the steps involved in creating a job profile, starting with defining the job profile name and job code.


  • Defining Job Profile Details 03:06

    • Explains the significance of job codes in identifying job requisitions.
    • Discusses the distinction between job profile name and job title.
    • Highlights the option to restrict job profiles to specific countries and management levels.
    • Describes the process of creating a job level hierarchy based on experience levels.


  • Job Family and Reporting Needs 05:14

    • Introduces the concept of job families and their relevance in categorizing employees.
    • Provides examples of various job families such as payroll, HR, finance, marketing, etc.
    • Discusses the importance of maintaining a job level hierarchy for reporting purposes.
    • Emphasizes the naming convention used for identifying employee job levels based on the hierarchy.

Workday Training FAQ’s

Q: What is the purpose of creating a job profile in an organization?

A: Creating a job profile helps in defining the specific roles and responsibilities of a position within the organization, ensuring clarity for both the employer and potential candidates.

Q: How can job codes be used in the recruitment process?

A: Job codes serve as unique identifiers for open job requisitions, allowing candidates to easily reference the specific job they are applying for and enabling HR managers to track the status of each job application.

Q: What is the significance of management levels in job profiles?

A: Management levels in job profiles help to categorize the level of authority and responsibility associated with a particular position, guiding candidates and organizations in understanding the hierarchy within the organization.

Q: How does job family classification impact employee categorization?

A: Job family classification assigns employees to specific categories based on their job functions, such as payroll, HR, finance, or marketing, facilitating organizational structuring and alignment of roles within the company.


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