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Workday Payroll - 3. Payment Election

Workday Training Highlights

💸 Employees can set up direct deposit of $250 USD through self-service.

🏦 The administrator page includes a Run category in payment election rules.

🌐 Users are encouraged to navigate to the self-service page to add bank accounts.

🔄 Pay group assignment rules involve logical conditions based on HR data.

📊 Conditions like pay type, FTE, and standard hours are considered in rule creation.

🚀 Implementation involves understanding business requirements and developing automated logic.

🛠️ There is no standard document, but internet resources and scenarios can aid implementers.

🧪 Testing occurs in sandbox instances before moving rules to production.

Workday Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Setting Up Direct Deposit 00:00

    • Exploring the self-service page for direct deposit setup.
    • Adding a checking account and navigating through the process.


  • Exploring Payment Election Rules 00:50

    • Understanding the rules for maintaining payment election.
    • Tips on performing transactions and adding bank accounts.


  • Creating Pay Group Assignment Rule 01:45

    • Discussing the need to create a rule for pay group assignment.
    • Exploring the process and logic behind setting up conditions.


  • Automatic Assignment Logic 02:59

    • Exploring the optional category and conditions for pay group assignment.
    • Discussing fields like job profile, FTE, and standard hours.


  • Developing Assignment Logic 04:05

    • Understanding the significance of HR data in developing assignment logic.
    • Exploring how to decide which field to use for assignment rules.


  • Implementing Assignment Requirements 05:10

    • Discussing how to gather business requirements for pay group assignments.
    • Exploring step-by-step logic development for automated assignments.


  • Practice and Experience 05:57

    • Emphasizing the importance of HR data understanding and logic development.
    • Providing insights into the iterative process of testing and moving to production.


  • Standardizing Assignment Logic 06:40

    • Addressing the lack of standard documentation for assignment logic.
    • Offering the possibility of finding scenarios and guidance on the internet.


  • Implementation Workflow 07:21

    • Describing the workflow of implementing assignment logic, including testing stages.
    • Highlighting the importance of sandbox testing before moving to production.

Workday Training FAQ’s

Q: What is the process for employees to set up direct deposit for their salary?

A: Employees can set up direct deposit through self-service by navigating to the administrator page where the Run category needs to be added to maintain payment election rules. Once added, employees can input their checking account details along with a specified amount, such as $250 US Dollars, to facilitate direct deposit.

Q: How can additional bank accounts be added by employees for payment purposes?

A: Employees can add additional bank accounts for payments by accessing the self-service page. They need to fill in valid information, including a valid IBAN or RR number. After successfully adding an account, a new entry will appear, allowing the employee to utilize the newly added account for regular or bonus payments.

Q: What is the significance of the automatic assignment rule in payroll processing?

A: The automatic assignment rule plays a crucial role in determining how pay groups are assigned to employees based on specific conditions. Implementers need to develop logical conditions, considering factors like pay type, job profile, FTE, and standard hours. This ensures that the payroll system processes employees according to the business’s requirements, such as processing only salaried employees or full-time employees under a particular pay group.

Q: How do implementers decide on the conditions for automatic assignment rules in payroll processing?

A: Implementers need a good understanding of HR data and the significance of each field, such as pay type and FTE. They derive conditions based on business requirements, considering factors like employee location, standard hours, and FTE percentage. The logic involves setting conditions that, when met, automatically assign a specific pay group to an employee during the hiring process. While there is no standard document, experienced implementers use practice and scenario-based knowledge to develop effective automatic assignment rules.


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