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SailPoint Training Free - 3. Identity Correlation

SailPoint Training Highlights

🗺️ Identity correlation is crucial for mapping accounts to identities in Identity IQ, especially for non-authorized applications.

❌ Authorized applications don’t use identity correlation since identities are created based on employee data from the authorized source.

🔍 Risk models are employed to assess identity risk, assigning scores to different identities based on their level of risk.

🖥️ Application onboarding involves accessing the “application definitions” tab in Identity IQ.

📑 To view or manage entitlements, users should navigate to the “entitlement catalog” in Identity IQ.

🔧 Changing properties in groups is done through the entitlement catalog, which also allows bulk loading of entitlements from CSV files.,/p>

📊 Entitlements in Identity IQ are analogous to groups, permissions, or access in other systems, defining roles and permissions for users.

SailPoint Training - key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

Identity Correlation Importance 00:00

  • Understanding the crucial role of identity correlation in mapping accounts to identities in IQ.
  • Distinction between authorized and non-authorized applications in correlation usage.


Risk Modeling for Identities 02:33

  • Defining a risk model to assess and categorize the risk level of different identities.
  • Exploring the concept of risk scores and their significance in identity risk assessment.


Application Onboarding Essentials 03:16

  • Step-by-step guide for application onboarding, emphasizing the importance of application definitions.
  • Clear instructions for adding a new application during the onboarding process.


Entitlement Catalog and Management 04:53

  • Navigating the entitlement catalog for viewing groups and entitlements associated with IQ applications.
  • Managing and modifying group properties within the entitlement catalog.


Bulk Entitlement Loading 07:06

  • Streamlining the process of adding multiple entitlements by importing CSV files.
  • Understanding the format and procedure for bulk entitlement loading in IQ.

Sailpoint Training FAQ’s

Q: What is the significance of correlation in Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

A: Correlation in IAM is crucial as it maps accounts to identities. It distinguishes between accounts (users on the target application) and identities (users on Identity IQ). Correlation is mandatory for non-authorized applications, ensuring a link between accounts and identities.

Q: Why is identity correlation not used for authorized applications in IAM?

A: Identity correlation is not utilized for authorized applications because identities for these applications are derived from the authorized source itself. IQ creates identities based on authorized application accounts. Therefore, correlation is unnecessary as identities are already established.

Q: What is the purpose of defining a risk model in IAM, and how is it applied to identities?

A: A risk model in IAM defines the risk associated with identities, categorizing them based on risk levels. It calculates which identities pose higher or lower risks. The risk model assists in assessing and managing the security posture of identities within the system.

Q: When onboarding a new application in Identity IQ, what is the initial step, and where should you navigate?

A: To onboard a new application in Identity IQ, the first step is to go to the “Applications” tab and click on “Application Definitions.” For application onboarding, you initiate the process by adding a new application within this section.


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