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SailPoint Training Free - 1. SailPoint Introduction

SailPoint Training Highlights

🌐 Identity Access Management (IAM) is crucial for organizations to manage employee access efficiently, from onboarding to termination.

🔑 SailPoint is an IAM tool that offers benefits like easy installations, automatic provisioning, and customization.

🏢 SailPoint provides separate modules for Compliance Manager (auditing) and Life Cycle Manager (access management), offering flexibility to organizations.

💼 SailPoint 7.2 is the version used in the training, and the content covers installation, application onboarding, risk management, and more.

🛠️ The course content includes training for Support, Administrator, and Developer roles within SailPoint, with varying levels of Java knowledge required for each.

SailPoint Training - key moments

Here are the SailPoint Identity Risk Analysis titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Introduction to Identity Access Management 00:01

    • Exploring the concept of identity access management in organizations.
    • Understanding the challenges of manual access management.
    • Overview of the purpose and benefits of identity access management.
  • Benefits of SailPoint Identity Access Management 02:05

    • Five main benefits of SailPoint, including easy installations and customization.
    • Comparison with other identity access management tools.
    • Addressing questions about pricing and decoupling features.
  • Compliance Manager and Lifecycle Manager 03:32

    • Explaining the roles of Compliance Manager and Lifecycle Manager in identity access management.
    • Highlighting the auditing and risk assessment functions of Compliance Manager.
    • Discussing the flexibility of SailPoint Identity IQ in managing access.
  • Understanding SailPoint Identity IQ Architecture  07:18

    • Overview of the business architecture, applications, and third-party integrations.
    • Explanation of connectors, APIs, and plugins.
    • How SailPoint Identity IQ manages users, data, and applications.
  • Detailed Architecture Overview 10:29

    • Understanding the components of SailPoint Identity IQ architecture.
    • Explanation of application server, database server, and connections.
    • Information on software installations and hands-on practice.
  • Course Content and Training Overview 12:32

    • Overview of the training course content, including topics covered.
    • Information on application integration, policy, risk assessment, and customizations.
    • Promising hands-on experience and guidance on installations, patches, and upgrades.
  • Upgrades and Patches in SailPoint Identity IQ 19:58

    • Explanation of the difference between patches and upgrades.
    • How patches can be carried forward during upgrades.
    • Ensuring a smooth transition from one version to another.
  • Roles in SailPoint Identity IQ 21:50

    • Clarifying the roles of Support, Administrator, and Developer in SailPoint Identity IQ.
    • The skillset and responsibilities associated with each role.
    • Addressing common misconceptions about roles in SailPoint Identity IQ.

Sailpoint Training FAQ’s

Q: What is the purpose of Identity Access Management (IAM)?

A: The purpose of Identity Access Management (IAM) is to manage access to resources within an organization. IAM tools are designed to grant and revoke access rights for employees throughout their lifecycle, ensuring that they have the appropriate permissions and roles from the moment they join the organization until they leave.

Q: How does Identity Access Management (IAM) benefit organizations?

A: IAM offers several benefits to organizations, including immediate access provisioning for new users, timely access revocation for departing employees, easy access certifications, automated provisioning for various tools, and customizable features. These benefits help enhance security, efficiency, and compliance within the organization.

Q: What sets SailPoint Identity IQ apart from other Identity Access Management (IAM) tools?

A: SailPoint Identity IQ distinguishes itself with five main benefits: easy installations, flexibility in customization, a wide range of access certifications, simplified application onboarding, and the ability to decouple compliance manager and lifecycle manager. SailPoint’s openness to customization and user-specific needs makes it stand out in the IAM tool market.

Q: What is the difference between Compliance Manager and Life Cycle Manager in Identity Access Management (IAM)?

A: Compliance Manager focuses on auditing, certifications, risk assessment, and policy violations related to user identities. In contrast, Life Cycle Manager deals with the actual management of access, including access provisioning, revocation, password management, and workflow. These two components can be tightly coupled in some tools but are decoupled in SailPoint Identity IQ, providing flexibility to organizations.


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