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Workday Compensation- 3. Compensation Maintain Currency Notes

Workday Compensation Training Highlights

­čĺ▒ Maintaining different currency rate types allows for accurate calculations during processes like merit reviews.

­čĺ╣ The default rate should be regularly updated to reflect real-world currency changes, while specific rate types can remain fixed for certain calculations

­čôł Keeping currency rates up to date ensures that compensation calculations are based on accurate values.

Workday Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Introduction to Maintaining Currency Exchange Rates 00:00

    • Explains the importance of maintaining different currency rate types for various scenarios like merit review processes involving employees from different countries.
    • Describes the need for having fixed conversion rates during specific periods to avoid daily currency fluctuations impacting calculations.
    • Demonstrates how to update and maintain currency conversion rates in the system.


  • Creating and Managing Multiple Currency Rate Types 02:34

    • Discusses the concept of having multiple currency rate types, such as a default rate and specific rates for processes like merit reviews.
    • Emphasizes the benefit of using a fixed conversion rate for calculations during a specific period to avoid dealing with daily currency value fluctuations.
    • Shows the process of creating a new rate type and loading currency values effective from a specific date to ensure stable calculations.


  • Updating Currency Rates in the System 05:14

    • Walks through the steps of updating currency rates in the system, including selecting a rate type and inputting new conversion values.
    • Illustrates how updating currency rates impacts the system and ensures that the latest conversion rates are reflected accurately.
    • Highlights the importance of keeping currency rates up to date to maintain accurate financial calculations and avoid discrepancies.

Workday Training FAQ’s

Q: What is the purpose of maintaining different currency rate types?

A: The purpose of maintaining different currency rate types is to handle scenarios where currency values fluctuate daily, ensuring that calculations are based on a fixed conversion rate effective at a specific date, such as during a Merit review process.

Q: How does maintaining multiple currency rates benefit in handling fluctuating currency values?

A: By maintaining multiple currency rates, such as a specific rate for a Merit process, calculations can be based on a fixed conversion value effective at the initiation date, avoiding the need to deal with daily fluctuations in currency values.

Q: How often should the default currency rate be updated?

A: The default currency rate should be updated regularly, as currency rates fluctuate daily. However, additional rate types can be created to maintain specific conversion values for different scenarios, ensuring stable calculations based on specific effective dates.

Q: What is the significance of the "rate date" in maintaining currency conversion rates?

A: The “rate date” in maintaining currency conversion rates indicates the specific date on which the currency rate was last updated, providing clarity on when the conversion value was last adjusted to reflect current exchange rates.


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