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Workday Integration - 1. Introduction

Workday Training Highlights

💼 Standard reports in Workday can be either standard or custom, with custom reports being developed by clients for specific purposes.

🔄 Around 70-80% of standard reports can be used without modification, but the remaining 20-30% may require adjustments to meet client needs.

🛠️ To modify standard reports without affecting others, clients must copy them and make changes to the copied version.

🔍 The process involves searching for the "copy standard report to custom report" task and selecting the desired standard report to copy.

📝 Clients can rename the copied report and make modifications to suit their requirements.

🖱️ Alternatively, users can use the related action icon near the standard report to copy it and make modifications.

🧭 The related action icon provides various options for actions related to the report, including copying and scheduling.

📋 This approach of copying standard reports can be applied to other features in Workday, providing flexibility and customization options.

Workday Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Maximizing Report Usability 00:00

    • Exploring the distinction between standard and custom reports.
    • Identifying the usability of standard reports.
    • Strategies to enhance usability for customized reporting needs.


  • Verifying IQ Console 04:12

    • Recognizing limitations in standard reports.
    • Discussing methods to adapt standard reports to specific requirements.
    • Highlighting the importance of copying standard reports for modification.


  • Copying Standard Reports 08:58

    • Demonstrating the process of copying standard reports to create custom versions.
    • Step-by-step instructions for executing the task.
    • Understanding the significance of maintaining original standard reports.


  • Leveraging Related Actions 11:15

    • Utilizing the related action icon for report management tasks.
    • Exploring options for copying and scheduling reports.
    • Emphasizing the efficiency of using related action icons for various actions.


  • Conclusion and Future Tasks 13:41

    • Summarizing the approaches for report management tasks.
    • Reinforcing the use of both search-based tasks and related action icons.
    • Highlighting the versatility of these methods for future feature implementation.

Workday Training FAQ’s

Q: What are the two types of reports discussed in the video?

A: The two types of reports discussed are standard reports (or delivered reports) and custom reports.

Q: How usable are the standard reports provided in the system?

A: Approximately 70-80% of the standard reports are usable without any changes, while the remaining 20-30% may require modifications to meet specific client needs.

Q: What approach is suggested for making standard reports usable when modifications are needed?

A: The suggested approach is to copy the standard report and make modifications to the copied version, as altering the standard reports directly could affect other clients who use the same reports.

Q: What are the two methods described for copying a standard report?

A: Two methods for copying a standard report are outlined: using a task called “copy standard report to custom report” or utilizing the related action icon associated with the report, which provides options to copy among other actions.


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