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Workday Training Highlights

🔍 Explains the importance of understanding supervisory organizations before configuring dependent structures.

🔗 Discusses the creation and utilization of external URLs within the organizational structure.

🗓️ Highlights the significance of availability dates for making organizations active.

👥 Describes the members tab and its automated display of employee details.

🌐 Discusses visibility settings, distinguishing between internal and external accessibility.

🔝 Introduces the top-level hierarchy in organizational structures, including superiors and subordinates.

🌍 Explores the concept of primary locations and the need for custom locations in certain scenarios.

👩‍💼Mentions the ongoing hiring process and the use of staffing models for position or job-based employment.

Workday Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Understanding Supervisory Organization 00:06

    • Exploring the basics and importance of a supervisory organization before configuring dependent settings. Overview of an existing employee’s supervisory organization.


  • Key Components of Global Support D Group 01:06

    • Analyzing the structure of the Global Support D Group supervisory organization, including type, superior organization, subordinates, and automatically generated header details.


  • Members Tab and Employee Information 03:16

    • Exploring the members tab, understanding who qualifies as members, and reviewing automated employee details like name, position, contact information, and location.


  • Availability Date and Organization Types 04:41

    • Discussing the significance of the availability date, organization types, and selecting subtype information during the creation of supervisory organization architecture.


  • External URL and Its Functionality 06:47

    • Examining the creation and use of external URLs in a supervisory organization, including how to link external websites for additional information.


  • Primary Location and Customization 08:21

    • Understanding the importance of primary location in a supervisory organization, initially using workday delivered locations, and later customizing for specific needs.


  • Staffing Model and Employment Type 10:21

    • Exploring the Staffing tab and its role in determining the employment type within a supervisory organization, differentiating between position-based and job-based employment models.

Workday Training FAQ’s

Q: What is a supervisory organization, and why is it important in the context of organizational structure?

A: A supervisory organization serves as a key component in organizational structure. It is essential before configuring any dependent configurations. It defines the hierarchy, with details such as type, supervisory by type, organization name, and information about superiors and subordinates.

Q: How is the availability date relevant in the creation of a supervisory organization, and what options does it offer?

A: The availability date plays a crucial role in making an organization active either presently or in the future. It can be backdated or future-dated, offering flexibility in determining when the organization structure becomes operational. The type of organization task selected automatically influences the availability date.

Q: What is the significance of the "Members" tab in a supervisory organization, and what information does it provide?

A: The “Members” tab in a supervisory organization displays details about individuals employed in that specific organization. These individuals are referred to as members. The information includes worker names, positions, phone numbers, contact details, emails, messenger information, and locations. This tab gives a comprehensive view of the workforce within the supervisory organization.

Q: Explain the role of the external URL in a supervisory organization, and how is it utilized?

A: The external URL in a supervisory organization allows the creation of a hyperlink to an external website or resource. It can be used to launch additional web pages, such as a company website or process information. This URL provides a seamless way to integrate external information into the organization structure, enhancing accessibility and user experience.


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