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Workday Integration - 3. Creating Sub Total

Workday Training Highlights

💼 Workday Integration: Explains how to create and modify reports within Workday Integration.

📝 Reporting Tags: Describes the process of creating custom reporting tags for organizing reports.

🔍 Search Functionality: Demonstrates how to search for custom reports under specific reporting tags using the RDT prefix.

🔄 Modifying Reports: Shows how to modify reports by adding or removing reporting tags.

📊 Execution of Reports: Explains the process of executing custom reports to view available data.

📋 Metadata: Compares the concept of custom reports to querying metadata in database systems.

Workday Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Introduction to Workday Integration 00:00

    • The video begins with a demonstration of how to edit a report in Workday and discusses the reporting tag field.
    • Users can select existing reporting tags or create their own custom reporting tags for reports.
    • Reports can be associated with multiple reporting tags, providing flexibility in organizing and searching for custom reports.


  • Searching and Modifying Custom Reports 04:16

    • Using the “rdt” search prefix allows users to list custom reports under a specific reporting tag for modification.
    • The demonstration showcases how custom reports can be searched and modified under different reporting tags.
    • Removing a reporting tag results in the associated custom reports no longer being listed under that tag for modification.


  • Executing Custom Reports 08:11

    • Users can execute custom reports by accessing the list of all custom reports available in the system.
    • Details such as reporting type, data source, category, and owner of the custom reports are displayed for reference.
    • Understanding metadata in reports is likened to querying a data dictionary in databases, providing insights into the structure and information about the reports.

Workday Training FAQ’s

Q: What is the purpose of the reporting tags in the report modification process?

A: Reporting tags allow users to categorize and organize custom reports, providing a way to easily search and modify reports based on specific criteria.

Q: Can a report be associated with multiple reporting tags?

A: Yes, a report can have multiple reporting tags associated with it, allowing for flexibility in organizing and grouping custom reports.

Q: How can users search for custom reports under a specific reporting tag?

A: Users can use the “rdt” search prefix followed by the reporting tag name to list all custom reports associated with that specific reporting tag for modification.

Q: What is the significance of the "all custom reports" feature in the system?

A: The “all custom reports” feature lists all custom reports available in the system, providing users with a comprehensive overview of the custom reports, including details like reporting type, data source, category, owner, and more.


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