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Wokday Finance - 1. Introduction

Workday Finance Training Highlights

💼 Introduction to Workday Finance and system navigation.

💰 Organizational setup, financial accounting, and ledger creation.

🔒 Security, suppliers, customers, bank setup, expenses, and business assets.

📊 Reporting, custom reports, and navigation through search and related actions.

Workday Finance Training - Key Moments

  • Introduction to Workday Finance 00:00

    • Overview of the Workday Finance system, including the first page upon login, navigation, functional areas, and proxy usage.
    • Importance of setting up basic organizations, organization types, work tags, and organization structure.
    • Financial accounting setup covering chart of accounts, defining periods, layers, custom validation, and general ledger creation.


  • Financial Accounting Setup and General Ledger 03:48

    • Creating chart of accounts, defining periods, layers, custom validation, and understanding the general ledger.
    • Exploring how to create, post, unpost, submit, save, and manage recurring journals.
    • Using Enterprise Interface Builder for bulk journal uploads and period end activities in financial accounting.


  • Security and Users 07:40

    • Importance of security in Workday and understanding domain security and business process security.
    • Exploring the roles of suppliers, customers, and general ledger in the system.
    • Creating suppliers, handling transactions, payments, invoices, customer receipts, and bank setup.


  • Expense Module and Business Assets 12:13

    • Creating expense reports, cash advances, spend authorizations, and managing employee-related expenses.
    • Registering assets, recording asset transactions, sales, impairments, depreciation, and journal entries for depreciation.


  • Reporting and Custom Reports 16:24

    • Overview of custom reports, including simple reports, advanced metrics, and composite reports.
    • Examples of custom reports for different areas in Workday and the importance of functional areas in training.
    • Introduction to homework tasks for practicing financial scenarios and accounting impacts in Workday.

Workday Finance Training Free - FAQ's

What is the concept of functional area in Workday Finance?

The concept of functional area in Workday Finance refers to the different organizational structures and setups within the system that are crucial for financial accounting and reporting. It helps define the various areas and processes related to finance within the Workday system.

How do I log in to the Workday system?
  • To log in to the Workday system, you need to use the provided credentials and select the appropriate user profile. This will give you access to the system and its functionalities.
What are the important icons on the landing page of Workday?
  • The landing page of Workday features important icons such as the search icon for finding specific information, related actions icon for accessing additional options, inbox for messages, and notification options for alerts.
How can I find specific information in Workday?
  • You can easily find specific information in Workday by using the search option to look for tasks or reports, or by clicking on the related actions icon to access further details related to a specific task or report.


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