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Workday Reporting and Calculations - 1. Introduction

Workday Training Highlights

[đź“Š] The course covers reporting, including delivered and custom reports like simple, advanced, and matrix reports.

[🔄] Calculated fields in Workday help modify report data using functions like 33 available functions.

[đź”—] Enterprise Interface Builder (EIIB) covers simple integrations, while core connectors and Studio are also discussed.

Workday Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Introduction to Workday Integrations 00:00

    • The course covers Workday Integrations, reporting, and calculated fields, spanning 15 to 16 hours.
    • Topics include reporting, calculated fields, Cloud connectors, Enterprise Interface Builder (EIIB), and Studio.
    • Different types of reports like simple, advanced, and matrix reports will be discussed and demonstrated.


  • Reporting and Calculated Fields 03:05

    • Workday offers standard and custom reports, including simple, advanced, and matrix reports.
    • Calculated fields allow modification of report data using around 33 to 34 Workday functions.
    • Enterprise Interface Builder (EIIB) covers simple integrations, inbound and outbound data exchange, and file formats.


  • Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) 06:17

    • EIB involves creating different phases for inbound and outbound data exchange.
    • Covers transformation, delivery methods, data sources, and loading data in bulk.
    • Discusses scheduling integrations, migration methods, and transformations in EIB.


  • Cloud Connectors and Core Connectors 09:19

    • Differentiates between Cloud connectors and EIB, exploring templates and packaged connectors.
    • Covers the use of business processes, document transformation, and various vendor integrations.
    • Explores the installation of Eclipse, connecting Studio to the tenant, and deploying integrations.


  • Conclusion and Importance of Topics 12:30

    • Emphasizes the importance of reports, calculated fields, Cloud connectors, and Studio in day-to-day work.
    • Highlights the practical applications of these topics in data analysis, extraction, and reporting needs.

Workday Training FAQ’s

Q: What is the main focus of the video content?

A: The video primarily focuses on workday training, specifically covering functional and technical aspects of the HCM module. It aims to help participants understand core concepts of workday implementations, transactional interfaces, and how workday benefits different client scopes.

Q: How is the educational tenant different from other types of tenants in workday?

A: The educational tenant in workday is designed for training and demonstration purposes, providing some data to showcase system behaviors and configurations. It is free and accessible for educational use. Unlike other tenants, it serves as a learning platform, allowing users to explore and understand the workday system without impacting live client data.

Q: Can clients choose specific modules for workday licenses, and do they only pay for the modules they implement?

A: Yes, clients can choose specific modules for workday licenses, and they only pay for the modules they implement. Workday operates on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, allowing clients to select and pay for the services and modules they adopt. There is flexibility in enabling or disabling modules based on client needs, and charges are determined by the usage of enabled modules.

Q: How can users identify the type of tenant they are in, and what is the significance of the ribbon color in workday?

A: Users can identify the type of tenant they are in by checking the URL and the ribbon color. The ribbon color serves as a visual indicator, helping users distinguish between different types of tenants such as educational, testing, or production. It prevents confusion by providing a quick reference for the tenant type, ensuring users are aware of their environment.


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