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Workday Reporting and Calculations - 2. Create Custom Report

Workday Training Highlights

💡 Different report types in Workday include Advanced, Simple, Matrix, and more.

📊 Advanced reports are the most important and commonly used type, accounting for 75% of reports.

🔄 You can convert a Simple report to an Advanced report, but not vice versa.

🕒 Making a report temporary in Workday means it will only be available for 7 days.

🔍 Using indexed data sources in Workday improves performance and search efficiency.

Workday Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Introduction to Custom Reports 00:00

    • Different report types offered by Workday include Advanced report, Composite report, Matrix report, Nbox search, Simple, Transposed, and Trending reports.
    • Advanced report is the most important, with approximately 75% of reports falling under this category.
    • Simple report provides a straightforward user interface for selecting reporting options.


  • Transitioning to Advanced Reports 02:52

    • Simple reports can be converted to Advanced reports, but not vice versa.
    • Temporary reports are available for only 7 days in the tenant.
    • Data sources in Workday are categorized as indexed (optimized for performance) and standard data sources.
    • Choosing an indexed data source improves performance and fetches results more efficiently.

Workday Training FAQ’s

Q: What are the eight different report types that Workday offers?

A: Workday offers Advanced report, Composite report, Matrix report, Inbox search, Simple report, Transposed report, and Trending report.

Q: Which report type is considered the most important and widely used in Workday?

A: The Advanced report is considered the most important and widely used report type in Workday, accounting for approximately 75% of all reports.

Q: Can a Simple report be converted into an Advanced report in Workday?

A: Yes, a Simple report can be converted into an Advanced report in Workday, transitioning from level zero to level one in the reporting hierarchy.

Q: What is the significance of marking a report as temporary in Workday?

A: Marking a report as temporary in Workday means that the report will only be available in the tenant for 7 days, providing a temporary solution for data analysis and reporting needs.


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