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UiPath Free Training - 1 : Introduction

UiPath Training Highlights

🤖 RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, which automates repetitive tasks.

📊 UiPath, Blue Prism, and Power Automate are popular RPA tools in the market.

🏦 RPA is widely used in industries like banking, finance, and HR for process automation.

📈 RPA skills are in high demand and can help employees become more versatile in their roles.

🎓 The training program covers topics like automation architecture, component functionality, and practical exercises.

UiPath Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Introduction to RPA 00:02

    • RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, where a robot is an application that performs repeated day-to-day actions.
    • Organizations aim to utilize employees for more productive work by automating repetitive tasks using RPA tools.
    • The demand for RPA tools like UiPath is expected to increase for the next 7 to 8 years.


  • Understanding RPA Tools 04:00

    • RPA tools automate processes by executing tasks automatically, such as interacting with web applications, Excel, and email.
    • UiPath, Blue Prism, and Power Automate are among the most in-demand RPA tools.
    • UiPath, in particular, offers extensive capabilities and allows for custom activities using .NET Framework.


  • Application of RPA in Business 08:18

    • RPA is essential for automating repetitive tasks across different applications like web, Excel, and email.
    • RPA tools like UiPath can automate processes across various applications, including virtual machines.
    • RPA is widely used in verticals such as banking, finance, HR, and CRM, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.


  • Training Program Agenda 16:50

    • The training program will cover the architecture and components of UiPath, enabling participants to practice automation.
    • Topics include data scraping, Excel automation, database integration, email automation, and PDF handling.
    • Participants will learn about process deployment, scheduling, working with libraries, and implementing frameworks for efficient automation.

UiPath Training FAQ’s

Q: What is RPA?

A: RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, which involves using software robots to automate repetitive tasks in various applications.

Q: How does RPA help organizations optimize their workforce?

A: RPA allows organizations to automate repetitive tasks previously done by employees, freeing up human resources to focus on more strategic and productive work.

A: Some popular RPA tools in the market include UiPath, Blue Prism, and Power Automate (Microsoft Power Apps), known for their capabilities in automating tasks across different applications.

Q: What are the key components covered in a typical RPA training program?

A: A typical RPA training program covers topics such as the architecture of automation, functionality of RPA components, automation of tasks like data scraping, Excel automation, database automation, email automation, and more.


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