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UiPath Free Training - 5 : New Blank Process

UiPath Training Highlights

[⚙️] When creating a new process in UiPath, you can select a language like VB or C#.

[📁] Dependency files like Excel, email, system activity, and UI are automatically added but can be removed if not needed to save time during bot execution.

[🔄] Workflows in UiPath can be of different types like sequence, flowchart, state machines, or global handlers, depending on the automation requirements.

UiPath Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Introduction to UiPath 00:00

    • When creating a process in UiPath, it needs to be uploaded to Orchestrator.
    • UiPath is developed using the .NET Framework, supporting only VB and C# languages.
    • Choosing a language depends on familiarity with either VB or C# and the associated libraries.


  • Creating a Blank Process 03:20

    • Upon creating a process, dependencies are loaded, and a workspace is created.
    • Dependency files are essential for project configurations, with common packages like Excel, email, system activities, and UI.
    • It is recommended to remove unused packages to optimize bot performance and avoid unnecessary downloads.


  • Understanding Workflows in UiPath 06:23

    • Workflows in UiPath can be of different types: sequence, flowchart, state machines, and global handlers.
    • Workflows have a .xaml extension and can be added to the main process.
    • Different types of workflows are chosen based on the automation requirements, such as sequential execution, decision-making, or multiple conditions.

UiPath Training FAQ’s

Q: Why is it important to choose a language when creating a process in UiPath?

A: It is important to choose a language in UiPath because the platform is developed with the .NET Framework, which supports multiple languages. However, UiPath supports only two languages, VB and C#, so users need to select one based on their familiarity and comfort with the language.

Q: What are dependency files in UiPath, and why is it important to manage them?

A: Dependency files in UiPath are predefined library files that include packages like Excel, mail, system activity, and UI. It is important to manage them by only including the packages needed for the process automation to avoid unnecessary downloads and execution time. Users should remove any unused packages to optimize the bot’s performance.

Q: What is the significance of the main function in a UiPath process?

A: In a UiPath process, the main function is the starting point of execution. It is similar to the main function in programming languages like C and C++, where the execution begins. The main function in UiPath initiates the execution of workflows and library files, making it a crucial component in the automation process.

Q: What are the different types of workflows supported by UiPath, and how should users choose the appropriate one?

A: UiPath supports various types of workflows, including sequence, flowchart, state machines, and global handler. Users should choose the appropriate workflow based on the nature of the business process they are automating. For example, use a sequence for step-by-step execution, a flowchart for decision-making processes, a state machine for multiple conditions, and a global handler for specific global functions.


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