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UiPath Free Training - 4 : Start Button Options

UiPath Training Highlights

🤖 UiPath offers predefined templates for creating projects based on different requirements.

🔄 Maintaining version control allows for easy access to original project versions.

đź“‚ The repository manager, specifically Git, is used for saving and uploading projects.

UiPath Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Introduction to UiPath 00:00

    • Discusses the importance of maintaining version control in projects to handle client corrections effectively.
    • Explains the options to create a new project using existing templates or a blank process.
    • Highlights the significance of the ReFramework template for automation projects.


  • Creating Projects in UiPath 02:53

    • Explains the process of creating a new project with or without templates.
    • Introduces the concept of reusability in automation by sharing common processes.
    • Demonstrates the use of the “blank process” tab for creating custom processes.


  • Repository Management and Configuration 05:54

    • Discusses the role of the repository manager in storing and managing automation projects.
    • Explains the configuration of Git for team collaboration and version control.
    • Emphasizes the installation of necessary plugins for different environments like web applications and Citrix.


  • Help Menu and Resources 08:43

    • Explains the various resources available in the Help menu, including tutorials, release notes, and product documentation.
    • Shows how to check the current UiPath version and access support through the Community forum.
    • Summarizes the menu options for Team, Tools, Settings, and Help for easy navigation.

UiPath Training FAQ’s

Q: What is the importance of maintaining version control in the development process?

A: Maintaining version control allows for tracking and managing changes made to a project over time, ensuring that original versions can be accessed and recreated if needed.

Q: How can you create a new project in UiPath and what are the two ways to do it?

A: You can create a new project in UiPath using either an existing template or by creating a blank process. The existing templates offer predefined options based on business requirements, while a blank process allows for a customized approach.

Q: What is the significance of reusability in automation processes, and how is it implemented in UiPath?

A: Reusability in automation processes involves creating common workflows, such as login processes, that can be shared among users to increase efficiency. In UiPath, this is achieved through the creation of a library where reusable components are stored.

Q: Why is it necessary to install plugins when automating processes in different environments, and what are some examples of these plugins?

A: Installing plugins is necessary when automating processes in different environments to ensure compatibility and functionality. Examples of plugins include those for web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, as well as specific plugins for Citrix, VM Horizon, and Microsoft Office applications.


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