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Workday Time Tracking & Absence - 3

Workday Training Highlights

💼 Organizational Structure: The video delves into the creation of management hierarchies, emphasizing the formation of supervisory organizations and their importance in structuring teams.

🛠️ Creating Sub-Organizations: Detailed steps are provided on how to create sub-organizations within a larger hierarchy, including defining roles and responsibilities.

📋 Role Assignment: The process of assigning roles within each organizational unit is explained, highlighting the significance of role clarity in effective team management.

🔄 Managing Workers: Techniques for moving workers between organizational units are demonstrated, focusing on maintaining organizational coherence during transitions.

🕰️ Effective Dating: The importance of effective dating in organizational changes is emphasized, ensuring that modifications reflect accurately in the organizational structure.

📊 Reporting and Monitoring: The video mentions the availability of reports to track organizational changes, aiding in monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of structural adjustments.

Workday Training - Key moments

Here are the summary titles with time for the provided video information:

  • Introduction and Chapter Review 00:01 

    • Recap of previous chapters and discussion on supervisory organization and management hierarchy.
    • Introduction to hierarchical structures like army chains of command.


  • Creating Supervisory Organizations 04:27

    • Explanation and demonstration of creating supervisory organizations using Workday.
    • Detailed steps from defining locations to assigning roles.


  • Organization Assignment and Member Management 10:55

    • Managing organization assignments, identifiers, and member details within supervisory organizations.
    • Importance of defining roles and assignments.


  • Understanding Organization Charts 14:44

    • Explaining terms like superior and subordinate within organization charts.
    • Visualization and understanding of hierarchical relationships.


  • Dividing Organizations 26:23

    • Demonstrating how to divide departments within supervisory organizations.
    • Creating sub-departments for better organization management.


  • Inactivating Departments 33:23

    • Explanation of inactivating departments within Workday. Importance of zero team members before inactivating.

Workday Training FAQ’s

Q: What is the main focus of the video transcription?

A: The main focus of the video transcription is on understanding supervisory organization within a work environment, particularly emphasizing hierarchical structures and the creation of management hierarchies.

Q: How does the video explain the concept of a supervisory organization?

A: The video explains supervisory organization as a management hierarchy that groups workers into various levels of management. It uses examples like military hierarchy and corporate reporting structures to illustrate the concept.

Q: What are some key actions discussed in the video regarding supervisory organization?

A: The video discusses actions such as creating subordinates, assigning roles, defining organization assignments, and understanding superior-subordinate relationships within a supervisory organization.

Q: Why is inactivating a department mentioned in the video, and how is it done?

A: Inactivating a department is discussed as a way to remove it from the organizational structure without deleting it entirely. It’s emphasized that inactivating can only be done when there are no team members within the department. The process involves selecting the department and choosing the inactivate option, ensuring all role assignments are kept or removed as desired.


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